Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Gold and Silver-New Highs.

The world appears to be on fire. Even if there is not a flame nearby, it is getting warm. The 'powers of darkness' are the lawless one's that operate in the knowledge of Satan, are quite comfortable around D.C..Their Alinsky plan is to make fire so hot that those that resist 'their change' will eventually accept it. The only way to navigate is through wisdom, God's Knowledge, and Understanding. Pray and be obedient to God,Who will stay the Locust Army; just as the "Blood" on the door post in Exodus.The Elites always become top heavy and build on shifting sand. For those that are concerned about Our freedom, now is the time to prepare if You have not already. Bartering will automatically return once there is a collapse. Get the basics now, but also obtain items to assist Your neighbors and can be bartered. Sea salt. Water filters. Candles or fuel for lighting. An extra hand saw and ax.If  and when the power goes, We must salt or smoke our meat. Buy extra beans and dry goods. Be extra careful Not to draw un-wanted attention to Your home. More than candle flys are drawn to the light/generators. Keep praying and interceding on behalf of this Republic.

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