Sunday, July 24, 2011

History & Hitler

At 53 yrs. of age, I am continuously seeking Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding. I will be the first to admit that in some learning I am a bit slow. I often learn through repetition. Over the past several yrs. I have notice many documentaries on Adolph Hitler. Both on History and military channels. Again I was slow to the dance but have caught on now. Dictators are not new. There M.O. is usually the same. If one were to follow the path for a dictator it is fairly straight forward. In Genesis God gave 'dominion' to Mankind over specific things. He never gave them 'dominion' over Mankind or the weather. A Tree is known by the fruit that it bears-so We should be very careful of the little gods that have fruit that does not lie. The little g has an insatiable desire to have Power over ever thing. It started in Heaven in the 1st. Heaven age when Lucifer entertained in His thoughts of sitting in the Spot reserved for Christ Jesus. He became a murderer at that moment and an idol because He desired worship. The Bible and history books show many other examples of the rise and fall of Dictators-It always ends, and poorly.

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