Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It is really Simple.

As Christians, around the world it appears as if the very gates of Sheol, Hades, Hell has been loosed. A child can discern that something is going on Spiritually and physically around the world. I continue to repeat world intentionally, because Satan as a roaring lion seeks to isolate from the Body those that are challenged, so that they become easy pickings. The fire is hot around the world. When I have gone through the fire, I've observed that many do not come out the other side that went in with me. The fire refines and burns off those kling on that we should have run off ourselves but could not. There are and always have been Two Kings at war and the Prize being our Souls. Our Creator desires Our love and gives us free will to chose which One gets Our love. Little g or Satan demands our love-which is actually rape. Satan and His followers have a greedy appetite for power. King David messed up about as bad as anyone, but-He never got caught up in Idol Worship. From Gen. 1:1 through Rev. 22:21 it is very simple; Follow Your Leader.

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