Saturday, July 16, 2011

Light and Darkness.

I watched the Chairman of the Board for Progressive Insurance on C-Span, speaking of financing the Progressive agenda, and only electing like minds to Congress. It turns my stomach. Today their was a list of high dollar supported for the Progressive movement in support for President Obama. Over the past several years Progressives have come out of the closet. Progressives hide very well as Republicans and Moderate Democrats for many years [1900 - 1990s]. They believe in power. They believe in destroying any dogma. Saul Alinsky actually gives credit to Lucifer. I have been saying that the list of supporters of Obama care should be posted and the companies should be avoided. All of the Ant-American organizations should be avoided. The are determine to move beyond the Constitution into a Dictatorship, then into Communism. We the People must stop financing the down fall of America. The same goes for support of China, which celebrated 90 years of Communism this week. Vote with Our feet. It is impossible for Light and darkness to be at the same place at the same time. Keep the Light on.

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