Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Patriots Prayer.

God respond when the People cry out. The world is in a mess right now and the Righteous need to cry out. For what? The worse kind of trouble to be in-is when We don't realize that We are in trouble. Reading about Abraham, Issac,Jacob,and on down through the Judges, we see circles. The People are free, then REJECT God and eventually return into bondage. That is what happens in modern days as well. America lost the Republic when It REJECTED the Foundation which is Christ Jesus. I pray the same prayer of Abraham; If You find 50 Righteous there[ your country] will You destroy the land? I encourage the Righteous to Repent and ask Christ Jesus to return and Rest Rule and Abide with His People. I am not talking about the return for the Melina rein. God knows how to save His people from wrath. I pray that the 50 [5=grace] will join me in prayer, and repentance for repeating the sin in 1 Sam.8 in choosing leaders and REJECTING God. Amen.

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