Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rep. Rangel - WWJD

This past week U.S.Rep. Charlie Rangel ask this question in regards to correcting America's debt situation. Normally statements such as this one would fly over my head, but not lately. I recognize Saul Alinsky from His book 'Rules for Radicals'. The sad part is most of those that would invoke such wicked under handed tactics are Atheist, or followers of Secular Humanism. This is straight from a page of Satan's book of deception. Satan twisted words oh so slightly when dealing with Eve. Some of His words actually had a different meaning than what she was familiar with. Throughout the Bible debt is bad. Unbalanced scales for trading is an Abomination before the Lord. The Federal Reserves and Central Bankers are run by Kenites [Tares] and We are told by Christ to I D and leave alone. We are advised to steer clear of blind leaders because they are headed into a ditch. 1Sam. 8 Socialism/Communism is wicked, because the people have rejected God. It leads to double taxes and property and people seizures. What would Jesus Do? Get a whip and run You and cohorts out of town, and replace with God fearing and Constitution respecting People, Mr. Rangel.

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