Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Street Signs.

Some maps a theme parks read; You are here! On the Interstate there are signs for safety and warning signs. I find myself watching other drivers reaction to warning sings that read; Lane end ahead, merge.... Some respond immediately and attempt to move over into another lane. Others run it out until the end before moving over, often times slowing traffic needlessly for the last minute decision. Such is life. Some will comply with Life Rules while others are slightly rebellious, or UN-believing. I Do Not consider these drivers to be wicked. In life there are those that are wicked, and the last Chapter in Daniel says they will continue to be. Leaders like President Obama was sent to require people to choose Whom they will serve. He also represent the 'Devourer' in Joel 1:4. Around the world right now there is much testing going on. The Righteous are in the fire just as the Unrighteous is. The Righteous Street Signs will be the Holy Spirit and Wisdom. The Great asset of the Righteous that helps them to prosper in these challenging times is Understanding.

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