Saturday, July 23, 2011

Submit to what?

Most know that it is forbidden to worship idols. This earth age is for all Souls to come through time, and have Free Will to decide Whom they will Love; because their are Two Fathers involved. Most also know that we should not deal with Satan or His children, the descendant's of Cain,Kenites,Tares,Bad Figs. Satan represents the dark,even though He is known as the Tree of Knowledge, it is dark Knowledge, and just the opposite of Understanding. Abraham fathered two children that fought and one was sent away. Even as children, the one was attempting to require submission from the other one. That child grew and so did the belief that the world would submit to their belief system, rules and laws. My new rule is, if They do not Submit to Christ Jesus, then do not look for me to submit to them. I will not submit. It matters not to me if it is President Obama over stepping His bounds, or Muslim Brotherhood, or Jews. If They do not believe and are submitted, don't count on me to go down the road with you-no distance,no how. Elisha stated "choose this Day Whom You will follow", I already have.

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