Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Threefold Cord.

We are admonished not to get involved when there is an unequal yoke. The example given is a yoke for plowing that has two different animals involved;one will do the majority of the work. One may get a lot done in a day. Two that are equal will get more than double the work of one. Three equals on the same page can get possibly ten times more than the one can. Ecc. 4:22 speaks of a Threefold Cord is not quickly broken. God said in Genesis that it is not good for the Man [ Adam ] to be alone. Around the world,people are filling a pinch. Because of the confusion and deception, people are unsure where or to whom they can turn to. Satan, as a roaring lion come seeking those whom He may devour. This is done through isolation. Separate the old,sick,and weak from the herd. Don't allow this to happen to You or Your neighbors. As things get tighter and warmer, let us remember that We are not alone and nothing can separate Us from the love of Christ. Our neighbors are people-where-ever We find ourselves. Let us not retreat into caves but look out for one another.

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