Thursday, July 14, 2011

We are at War.

We are at war-and the Church can't help You. Most are tangled up in spreading their own gospel around Vs spreading The Gospel of Christ Jesus around, to know that they are in trouble. I personally believe that the 'Grace' period that Jesus brought with Him in The Gospel of John, is about to end-possibly in the next 12 to 16 months. When King David was a teen and faced the giant, He had confidence; Faith in His Creator and His relationship with His Creator, and confidence in His equipment and tactics. David had one slight advantage that many of us do not have. David could clearly see the 9'3'' plate of buzzard feed before Him. Most of us today are swinging at the air. We are to use Our great gift of Understanding, versus Satan's knowledge-which represents ignorance. When Eve was told that the knowledge would make one's eyes open-it actually meant just the opposite. Ephes. 6 was designed for Us to practice with Our gear before now. Today,and from now on We must gear up and see through the prince of Darkness. We are at war.

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