Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Decent and Orderly.

It sadden me last week to see the video of a U.S. Congresswoman spewing hate towards the Tea Party.The weeks before the V.P. of the U.S. called the group terroist. The B.C. also got into the act and went further, by calling our youth to take it to the streets. The tactic being threten was spoken of by Van Jones-The "bottom up and top down" principle. Civil unrest by frustrated people then the authorities being begged to come in and stop it; usually requiring a major change that would not have otherwise taken place.      I am calling out to all those in the body of Christ to pray and take a stand against wickedness. May the blood shed in turmoil be placed on the leader's head; especially Church leaders who are standing on the sidelines. Silence is agreement. The prince of the 'powers of darkness' is Satan. He operates in ignorance. Saul Alinsky gives credit to Lucifer in His book rules for radicals. It is no doubt which side of the fence Progressives are on. Come out from Babylon America. If it is Not Decent and Orderly run.

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