Saturday, August 13, 2011

Famine ...

The Word explains one type of Famine is not for bread but for the Word of God. I can clearly see this type in the making. Yesterday I was thinking to myself concerning the Word, and my mind went to the Book of Ezekiel.Much of this Book is quite relevant but not touched by Modern Ministers/Pastors. The Watchman on the wall Ez.3:17.   Priest involved in private idol worship Ez.8:6.   Judgement on the land because of idol worship Ez. 6.      False Prophets Ez. 13:2.  The fly away doctrine, Shepherds feeding themselves Vs. feeding the flocks,etc.  Because of the Famine there is Judgement. The Leaders are falling away. More places of worship will be bankrupt and disappearing. Of course it will all be blamed on economics. As believers we are all adopted into the House of Israel which were Hebrews. Ez. 3: " But the House of Israel [12 Tribes] will not harken unto Me; for all the House of Israel are impudent and hardhearted ". The Famine? People starving for the Word.

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