Friday, August 19, 2011

No Longer Under the Law?

When Adam and Eve decided that they would be disobedient to The Law of God, they fell hard. It put distance between man and God and cost Christ Jesus His Life. Jesus states that He did not come to change the Law, but fulfill it. Death was released into the world because of the disobedience in the Garden;that part of the Law was satisfied on the Cross. A Death sentence carried out. Jesus stated to His followers "if You love me,Keep My Commandments". Which ones? The same going back to Genesis. The Epistle of John 2:3 The test in knowing Christ? If We keep His Commandments.  Religion teaches otherwise. Religion is a 'tool' of Satan, which also goes back to the Garden. The word Religion comes from the Greek word religio which means 'to return to bondage'. That is where most Pastors have led their followers. If You are not under God's Law, then You are following the flesh which is under the direction of the Prince of Darkness-Satan.

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