Friday, August 12, 2011


Our Father/Creator often spoke in words that had double meaning. We were taught in school to identify the subject and the objective. Find the subject, stay with the context. Analyze the sentence and contextualize the larger part. The Word is the same way. Only difference in books and the Word is One is Inspired. One must have on Spiritual headlights to understand. The majority of the time, people in the flesh can not understand the Word. The best that Satan can do is legalism-or hold people to the letter of the Law. A classic example of this is the Sadducee's, Pharisees,Scribes, and the Jews. When Jesus spoke in Parables He messed them all up. It took Jesus several years before His Disciples/Apostles to understand Parable. A Parable has at least two meanings. The 'powers of Darkness' operates in ignorance. God is just the opposite in that He desires His People to walk in Understanding. Lastly, in James He states; If any lacks, let Him ask and the Father will grant. This Scripture is speaking of Wisdom but the same applies to Understanding.

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