Monday, August 15, 2011

Three Talents.

I have a biological brother who has owned two restaurants and is now on his third. I have a second cousin who flew airplanes twenty plus yrs. in the U.S.Navy, and has been flying commercial since 1996. I am not impressed with either accomplishment.   Matthew 25:14 Jesus shares a Parable of the Three Talents. One servant was given 5 Talent, the second servant 2 Talents, and the third servant 1 Talent. God is always looking for an increase in His investment. The 'man' over the servants had enough that He invested in three servants [hedged his bets], which means 8 Talents was not a big deal. It was given according to each servant's ability. When judgement time came The Master was well pleased with those that doubled the investment. The servant that buried the Talent was called wicked. If we are successful the question will be - How many others did You make successful.

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