Thursday, August 25, 2011

Walking in the Light.

Yesterday I responded to a question about The Federal Reserve Chairman's next move to assist the economy. I said please search the "Monopoly Men" hosted by Dean Stockwell, and watch the 47 minute video while it still exist.I Received a response which also came to my email. The response was ugly and troubled me for some hours afterwards.  America is to be the Light of the world, and the Salt of the earth. We have walked in Darkness for over 100 yrs. but that can change to Righteousness very quickly. The video is informative and I wish all of America could watch it. the same group of wicked people are responsible for a lot of mess-yet they continue to operate quietly in the Shadows. Their main weapon is deception. Satan is the Prince of the 'Powers of Darkness' spoken of in Ephes.6:12. There are people all around us on a daily basis that love the Darkness. Beginning in the Garden, We are Commanded to identify and stay clear of Satan. We are not called into this Age to debate the issues with those who love the Dark. We have chosen Whom we will serve, so let Us continue Walking in the Light.

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