Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I confess that it makes me nerveous when I hear the word All. Equally so with the word Always. Always is connected to traditions. During Jesus 3 1/2 year ministry, His largest challenge was fighting against traditions of men, which made void the Word of God. Back to All;often in the media the word is intentionally abused by stating; All Blacks vote Democrat. All the best layers, or finance people are Jews. Or All the Jews persecuted Jesus. All seial killers are White males. I could go on, but You see where this is going.   All is the whole. Alltogether. Presume = To venture, dare, in feeling, to be bold, durst.   Presumption = To speak or act without warrant. Ex. Posing as righteous. Making plans without God. Supposing God will not judge sin. Living without God.   I dispise the word All, but I must make sure that I am not applying the word in my life.

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