Friday, September 2, 2011

Are You Listening?

I often remind those around me that everything is fine with me as long as I continue to talk. Eventually when people get it or time is being wasted-I stop talking. Sometimes talking will stop because it is time to be an example of whats being spoken of. If Christ is continuously being spoken of, then He will need to show up, in Us. I understand that some can not hear or see [Isaiah 6:9] and some will have a strong delusion [2 Thes.2:11] and have allowed themselves to be tricked, God will send them more of whatever it is that they believe and they will remain in that state. For those that are Believers and are Walking with Christ, keep listening to Him. Remember, the end time famine is not for bread/food, but a shortage of the Word. God never stops talking; those that are Listening will have a full cup.

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