Friday, September 23, 2011

Conditioning Children.

As a hunter I will place nutrition for the adult females in specific places over a long period of time. It is good for the potential moms, carrying moms and nursing moms. It conditions the young to know where specific food is located. The moms need it now and it is good to see them, but what I am really after is her children and grandchildren.     Satan employs this same principle in enslaving people on social programs. It a 'system' of going three an four yrs. down the blood line for people to be conditioned and become soft and loose the will to hunt. F.D.R. called it "The New Deal System" to get and hold voters for at least 40 yrs.    Our Creator in Deut.6:1 Speaks of His "System" which is built on His Commandments, Statutes, and Judgements. One objective is to pass wealth down three generations [Deut.6:2]. Deut.6:7 Explains the details;We are to walk up-right before God and our children and they see it and adopt our behaviour.      It is about you very little-It is actually about your children and grandchildren.

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