Monday, September 26, 2011


In Genesis 3:13 the Woman responded "The serpent beguiled me". This tactic continues to this very day. Under the "New Deal System" it lures through seducing people into its mighty web and it is difficult to get free. The worse kind of trouble to be in is when one is in trouble, and everybody can see the trouble except the one that is in trouble. Many are having a difficult time in understanding why a large number of Blacks vote a certain way. It is usually for the same reason that a large number of Unions, Urbanites, and Jews do. They have been Seduced. A recent poll shows that Candidate Obama is upside down concerning the Jews. Many of the supporters from 07/08 are looking else where. I believe that the objective is not a party but freedom. We should know the Truth and He would make us free. Do not chase plantations but get off all of them. Mankind is to have dominion over all, except other people-be careful of those through deception that seek to make merchandise of us.

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