Monday, September 5, 2011

F.D.R. = B.H.O

King Solomon states that there is not anything new under the sun. Eventually all seems to circle back around. Comparing and contrasting President Franklin Roosevelt with President Obama shows many similarities. Mankind that operates under the 'powers of Darkness' usually never come up with new tactics;as long as what they do works. Satan in the Garden told half truths and played on words. He often uses words that appear common, but has a different definition. Adam and Eve were Commanded not to have any relationship with Satan. The Commandment is in effect today. When F.D.R. announced a 'New Deal' someone should have required an explanation. The same with a promise of 'Change'; change to what?The New Deal Coalition expanded and mobilized the ranks of the poor, organized labor, ethnic minorities, urbanites, and southern Whites. This is called 'realigning election' that created a new 'majority coalition' for the Democrats. This is considered the "New Deal Party System", or "Fifth Party System".

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