Thursday, September 1, 2011

Multiple Choice = 1.

This morning I woke up with the question on my mind; Why was President F.D.Roosevelt elected four times? I did a 'search' and have been feeling ill all day. This president used all crisis to implement regulations, and executive orders. He prolong the depression era because none of the policies worked. He was a grad. of Harvard, and attended Columbia law school. Served under Pres. Wilson. Occupation-corporate lawyer. He stole precious metal through executive order; Stole in that it was ordered to turn it in, for pennies on the dollar. His Administration gave us the United Nations, and Bretton Woods. I almost forgot that one of His early teachers taught Him about Secular Humanism [Rev. Wright]. The illness came because one can compare and contrast F.D.R. with Pres. B. Obama. The Book of James says that it can not be Light and Dark at the same time. A spring can not yield fourth salt and fresh water. And We can not be Righteous and UN-Righteous at the same time. This is being luke warm, and double minded. There is but one Answer to the Multiple Choice question; Following Christ Jesus-or Not.

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