Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A word about WORDS.

For those of us that Follow the Word, we are admonished the always be careful of deception. We are Children of the Light; use extreme caution concerning those that are walking in darkness;because the Prince of darkness is Satan. In the Garden God used the word 'Freely' which Satan changed around. God used the words 'surely die' and Satan called Him a lie on that one. Satan said 'your eyes will be opened' and just the opposite happened.  When Progressives use words like freedom, or free they are not speaking our language. They seek freedom from anything Christ Jesus and whatever is connected to Him including the Ten Commandments [who do You think gave them to Mosses] and the U.S.Constitution. Endowed by Our Creator [John 1:1-5]. Progress. Progress to what? Change to what? New Deal? F.D.R.'s New Deal System entrapped many,many people for a long time on Uncle Sam's Plantation. Remember the video of a Progressive giving a deposition and said 'it depends on what your definition of is, is. We must always remember that there are more than one definition for every WORD.

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