Thursday, October 6, 2011

Doing the Word.

James 1:22 advises us to be a doer of the Word. What Word? Great question because of all the children bibles in use today. From the Companion King James; Please read Matt.7:21-27. Paying attention to Vs. 26. Hear the Word an do it. Matt. 5:17-19 states that Jesus did not come to change the Law/Commandments. Every Book in the Old Testament mentions Jesus the Christ. During Jesus 31/2 yr. ministry He constantly mention Prophets of Old. That means that it is in. Let us remind ourselves who was on the Mountain of Transfiguration; Mosses representing the Law, and Elijah representing the Prophets. When Jesus was question about the Two most important of the Ten Commandments answered. Love the Lord Your God with all of Your mind and strength, Love Your neighbor as Yourself. The First answer covers the First five Commandments. The Second answer covers the Second Five Commandments. The Law that We are no longer under is the Law of Death from the Garden that Jesus satisfied on the Cross. Now let us get busy, doing the Word.

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