Tuesday, October 4, 2011

'For Entertainment Only'

What is going on in most schools, and churches today is for entertainment only. Especially in cemetery, I mean Seminary schools. Secular Humanism has taken its told. When Satan temped Jesus by saying "Command these stones be turned into bread", that was a side show for entertainment. Luke 4:6 Satan had the power, and still to this day has it for the world. That is why Christians should be in the Kingdom[Rom.12:2]. Satan has power that He seduced from Adam and He can "give it to whomsoever". The whomsoever has been on display, but doesn't really have power to change things in a positive way. Real Power is synonymous to DYNAMITE. In America, I only know of two Pastors with this Power. The rest would do well to repent and denounce secular humanism and get rid of the funny bibles that have been printed by the very enemy that God has warned us not to be deceived by. Christ Jesus is the Answer;we who are His followers should be the Answer for the world right now. Be faithful and Do the Word.

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