Monday, October 10, 2011

Key to Worship.

Jesus stated that there would be a time when people are rejected because He did not know them. When I was thirsty,etc. What has been done to the least of these, has been done unto me. He list several good thing done in His Name-but it was unacceptable. Worship is an act of Reverence; bow down in homage to royalty or God. In vain is devout religious worship. Worship and Faith are interconnected. Please read Hebrews roll call of Faith. James 2:17 states Faith without Works is dead. 2:18 Show me your Faith? I'll show you my Works. The things that are important with God are simple yet important. Have questions for God? Get busy doing the Work and God will commune with You. The Key to Worship, is in our Walk [Col. 1:10]. Our Walk is our Worship. Our Walk is our Worship. Our Walk is our Worship.

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