Monday, October 31, 2011

King Obama?

In today's [10/31/11] Patriot Update, this is a title of an article; "Obama wants to be king". It mentions in the article the many Executive Orders that are being made,as a end around Congress. One excuse is the do nothing Congress and their low approval rating.   I am immediately suspicious when Leaders pull a tactic like FDR aka "The New Deal System"; where social programs are strategically given to voting blocks to secure future voters, for years to come, to a specific party.   One must not look deep to determine that Obama is a follower of Saul Alinsky and once taught His doctrine to others. The main objective is power,which is in the book 'Rules for Radicals'.     Elohim god in the Garden as well as in the Ten Commandments tells us Idol worship is forbidden. 1John 3:4 advises the definition of sin. James 1:5 explain the progression and end result of sin. Jeremiah 17:5 states Cursed is the man or woman that puts their trust/faith in man. I'm never concerned with over-achievers,but very concerned with short sighted followers.

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