Monday, October 24, 2011


Elohim God created Mankind to have dominion over a lot of things,but not others. The World Kingdom goes back to the Garden of Eden; First there was disobedience which started in the mind. Then there was fruit. The World Kingdom was established on disobedience,seduction,beguile, and lies. It is manifested in Idol Worship, murder,disrespect for oneself and others,greed, insatiable appetite for power,etc.          The Kingdom of Heaven starts in the mind [Rom.12:2] and must be applied. The Word gives a long list of fruit that results from the walk. The Kingdom of Heaven is open for business right now on earth. The objective is for those that are in the Kingdom to allow their Light to shine that others will see and ask questions or desire to also be in the Kingdom. When we read Daniel 2 we understand the Worldly Kingdoms do not last. The World is shifting and it is clear that they do not have the answers; We have the Answer-Christ Jesus.

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