Saturday, October 22, 2011

Old Reports and Books.

I like to read. I save books and keep reports for a while,just to see how accurate the predictions are. Larry Bates, the New Economic Disorder has been very accurate. So has Fleeced by Dick Morris. A Financial Intelligence Report are usually held on to for at least a year. From the F.I.R. vol9No.1 page 6 and 7; The Crisis is still ahead of Us. Why havn't companies put more of their cash back into the economy by now? One,  low Federal Reserves interest rates. Two, companies must now have cash to finance their products. Bet You never heard either of these from the business channels?          The main Book that I am speaking of is the King James Companion Bible; I love this Book. The predictions are always spot on. During this world crisis that some refer to as economic disorder, I refer to as a famine in the land for the Word of God. Now is not the time to push the Word away but to pull it toward us. It also gives peace because We know what is around the corner-instead of surprise, my response is I cant believe You are trying this. Get in the Word. Everyday in the Word is a good day.

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