Sunday, October 16, 2011


In the Garden, God Elohim gave The Adam specific rules to follow. Break this one and Death will come. When the House of Israel were preparing to leave Egypt,and were instructed to put specific blood on specific places,those that followed the instructions lived;those that didn't the Death Angel took them out. As a child and young adult my Grandfather [Farmer] would always remind me of where the fence lines were and not to cross them on to other's land.        The Declaration of of Independence is protection,as well as the U.S.Constitution,and the Ten Commandments. There are others but this is the Foundation. In modern times we have S.O.P. that we must operate within or under;again this is a covering of protection. Over the last 100 yrs. People have increasingly marched to the beat of their own drummer and it comes with a premium.Death can be immediate or over time,or a separation between God Elohim and Mankind. When Leaders follow the Doctrine's of Satan it always cost. In 2011 find Your Covering and get under it-It is Your Protection.

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