Monday, November 7, 2011


I watched very closely the media persecution of Gov. P. Recently the attack was aimed at Candidate Cain. The media decides what is news worthy and attempts to pick our choices for us;which is highly offensive. Today I watched the media attempt to obtain a statement from an ex-Penn State assistant Coach.He stated several times that His attorney advised Him not to speak-the reporter ignored and continued with questions.     Christians must be careful and discern what is happening. We must insure that Our request to the Lord are being herd. James 4:3 states that we receive not because we ask AMISS. The word means selfish,lust,evil,worthless,deprived,or wicked.  We are to pray for our leaders and those in authority says 1Titus 2:2. Does that mean everyone? No. We are to pray for Righteous leaders that are standing on the Word of Elohim God and His Principles. There is a saying that we will never see a mule win the Kentucky Derby;so let our prayers be correct. There are certain one's that we are Not to wish Godspeed to, lest we be partakers in the punishment.

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