Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I say Congratulations to Mr. Glenn Beck for His 55,000 dollar donation this week. An organization had its federal funds stopped because it refused to stop Bible study. I say Congrats because this is how Christians and Christian organizations are to survive starting yesterday. Over the past 50 yrs. just look back on how much Christianity, U.S.Constitution,Declaration of Independence, and Pledge of allegiance has disappeared. Can't remember the last time I saw the Ten Commandments even in most churches. Elohim God's Laws have been removed and replaced with man's rules.     Revelation speaks of a time when We would not be able to buy or sell without the "mark of the beast"; that time is now. The "mark" is deception and it is on the inside of the brain. Most have the fruit of the "marks" in our wallets and purses. Credit,credit cards,checking accounts,green backs all have one organization in common. Transfer 10,000 or deposit/withdraw and the same organization is notified.   Glenn Beck prevented one from bending to Idols.

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