Saturday, December 31, 2011


The number 12 represents Elohim God's purpose. Purpose = Delight,something in mind,pleasure,desire.   Deut.13:1-5 deals with our purpose. We are here in this age with the purpose of choosing to love, honor, and  respecting our Creator with all of our being;its a test. We must be centered in Christ [Ephes.3:11].           Ecc.3:1 states that a time for every purpose under the sun. Ecc.8:6 Because to every purpose there is a time.     2012 will be a rocky year for those that have not built upon the Rock. Many things and systems will probably not survive 2012. God's Word will survive.    John 11:7-9 Jesus said "let us go unto Judea again".Some of the disciples said the Jews are trying to kill You. Jesus response "Are there not "twelve" hours in a day"? And so it will be in 2012; walk and work in the Daylight, and we will get to the other side.

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