Monday, December 12, 2011

Accepting Dominion

In Genesis,Elohim God gave dominion to us. We must take responsibility starting with ourselves,then immediate family,on to the community in which we live. Trouble usually leads back to the home. The Scriptures that come to my mind for taking back our homes,communities,and nations are; 2 Corith. 10:3,4.For though we walk in the flesh,we do not war after the flesh: for the *weapons of our warfare are not carnel,but mighty through God to the *pulling down of *strong holds.      Our tongues have the power of life and death in them. We have assisted and given nurishment to evil, that should die off. Declare crop failure on the "*strong Man" and His "host".Jesus demonstrated many times how to speak life and it lived;and Matt. 21:19-22 how to speak death.                                                                                                 *pulling down = destruction.  strong holds = fortifications,holding safely.  weapons of warfare - Ephes.6:12-17.  strong man = boisterous,mighty,powerful,vailiant,forcefulness,strength-Matt.12:29.

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