Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Drug Dealers

I was pumping gasoline the other day, and noticed them advertising for a flu shot. I really dislike commercials because I am of the age that after three back to back commercials, I forget what program was on. I have noticed many commercials advertising and advising viewers to see the doctor. Drugs have become big business in the world. They never cure or heal, just help with the symptoms. They all have side affects that are down-played. Non medical doctors can go to jail for claiming a product can heal or cure someone. What is taking place in daylight is no different than what is happening in the alley at night.                                                   Sorcerers, Rev.21:8, Rev.22:15 Strong's 5332, 5333 = drug, IE.spell giving potion. a druggist. pharmacist or poisoner.   I am Not kicking doctors,they are good but the system is beginning to smell. M.D.s are not immune from what is happening to the general population-they bury doctors everyday. As followers of Christ we must use discernment,and wisdom and require the same from the system.

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