Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Lerome Bennett was the first to make this statement that I know of; "Attitude determines ones Altitude". The great Peter Daniels from Down Under states; "Attitude is everything".  Attitude = the state of mind towards something. Towards Christ; we must confess Him, and be obedient. Attitude towards the world; we are not to conform to, or be friends with.  Matt.25:14-28 is concerning a kingdom minded "man" and three servants. Two servants had adopted the lord's attitude of increase, and the third only saw in the flesh. The servants were given, according to their abilities; the first  doubled it. The second doubled it. The third stated that he was afraid of the lord, and did not like how he conducted business-He was called wicked, and slothful. A talent is 91lbs.[troy]. I don't know if it was silver[32.00 per oz.] or gold[1,650per oz.] by today's standard;the point is these three were trusted with a lot.  God expect everything we speak or touch, should increase by multiples. Our attitude should be the same as God's.

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