Monday, January 16, 2012

The Beginning of the Line.

Eve is the Mother of all "living"because She started the line. Mankind was 'created' on the sixth day[Gen.1:26-31]. God rested on the 7th. Day. The Lord was looking for a farmer and 'formed' The Man Adam from dirt and breathed His Spirit into The Man. The Man was perfect-only for His lifetime. If He was to pro-create He needed a help meet. God took DNA from The Man and put it in the woman, Eve. They became one flesh, with Mother Eve now with the capacity to become a messenger,preacher, bring good news/glad tidings, down the line to Christ Jesus.         Ribs,Gen.2:21=to curve,as curved,a side.        Alone,Gen.2:8=bad,separation,only,besides,apart,by self,part.  Bone,Gen2:23=to bind fast,powerful,be great,be increased,strong,wax mighty.  Help Meet[same word],Gen.2:8=aid,help,surround,protect.   Leave,Gen.2:24=to loosen,IE. to relinquish,permit.  Cleave,Gen.2:24=be joined,stick,to impinge,adhere,fast together.  Flesh,Gen.2:23=to be fresh, IE.full, rosy,cheerful,to announce[glad news],messenger,preach,publish,shew fourth[bear,bring,carry,tell.

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  1. Eve is aka as the Mother of all living, because-We are alive in Christ, or seperated from Our Creator.Which equates death. Remember this is the Spiritual death that God warned Adam of in the Garden. Following Satan seperates Us from Our Creator.