Saturday, January 7, 2012

Check List.

Matt. 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21, gives very important information; however the information has been twisted and distorted into miss-information.  There were too many sieges of Jerusalem for me to list here. Herod 1 and 2 and Nero were mass murderers who persecuted the "House" of Israel [not state] from 40 B.C until after 70 A.D. The Bible and traditional history books tells of the persecution of the Apostles; stripes, prison, and death. Why was John the Revelator on the isle? James wrote to the 12 Tribes scattered abroad, in dispersion, also referred to in Peter.    Jesus referred to a "period", the beginning of Sorrow-and what takes place[Matt.24:8]. The next "period" is Great Tribulation[Matt.24:21]. Much of both of these "periods" can be checked off.   My advice; study the Word - not man.


  1. By 70 A.D. Jerusalem and Judea were left desolate, most of the people either killed or jailed/in captivity, or had become refugees. A good question in 2012 is; where are the Tribes of Israel today. My answer is that they are scattered around the world-many have completely lost their identity.

  2. Check List is good. Maybe the People will awaken the Leaders and get them in the now. Many Leaders sound much like my 4 yr. old grand-daughter, in response to current events;"can you believe it".The Followers of Christ Jesus should be informed.