Sunday, January 22, 2012

Faith Walk.

Hebrews 11th. Chapter does an excellent job of listing the "roll call" of those that walked in faith. I agree with them all; starting with Christ Jesus, aka YHVH, I AM, Jehovah, and the Tree of Life. He spoke all into existence.  Rev. Enoch preached against the fallen angles and the people that got involved with the wicked ones.  And Mosses; a type of Christ[saviour], that walked closer to investigate a burning bush, that was not being consumed. Or being required by Jehovah to pick up a snake that was once His staff, when He had a tremendous amount of respect for the serpent. Or speaking to a rock and having water flow.  Rom.8:1 and 8:4 mentions walk, and we should plug our own names in the spaces.  Faith is a verb, and has to be on the move. If we can see it in the natural/flesh, it may be the result of faith, but it no longer is faith; Let me redo; If you can see it-it is not faith. One thing in common that all on the "roll call" had? A good pair of walking shoes.

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