Monday, January 30, 2012

More than Deception.

What took place in the Garden involving the man Adam and Eve was centered around disobedience. They were tricked into exchanging Life for death. They crossed over the line into idol worship which forced a separation between themselves and their Creator.                                                                  There are clear do and don't do in the Word; over a period of time, the prince of Darkness[Ephes.6] will find a way to just "tweek' the Word, just ever so slightly, which changes the Truth into a lie.   My Grandfather had a 7th. grade education, and was a farmer all of His life, was ask a question; What is that yellow stuff in the middle of chicken poo? He quickly responded "that's chicken poo too". We too must immediately recognizes and discern what we see or hear as chicken poo when it has maliciously been tweaked with the intent to deceive.                                                                                                                  The intent all along is to lead Us into idol worship, which is a no no. In this day and time please be sensitive to the above-I'm not saying that a demon is behind every bush;they are operating in plain sight,and what they are doing is more than deception.

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  1. Brother Rebel this is one of your best blogs. I agree 100%, very good word.