Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Anointed One's.

I looked in the Strong's Concordance for Names of Jesus, and found far too many to list. The Word states that we must have revelation from the Holy Spirit to know Christ. I Am was a new Name to Moses, even with a covenant being made with Noah,Shem,Abraham,Issac,and Jacob/Israel. I Am comes with an anoiting and promise-"I will be whatever You need". Christ Jesus in the Gospel of John states "I Am" alot. Christ = The Anoited One.   So, Who are the Anoited One's? The answer is those that accept Christ as Lord and Saviour, and Follow Him [Luke 4:18,19]. The Anointing comes with the assignment-what is needed has already been furnished. 1Jn.2:27 states that You already have it. 1Peter 2:9 You are a Chosen Genration. Again 2Cor.1:21 Anoited....        Christ Jesus is The Anoited One. Then We are the Anoited One's.

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  1. Does this mean that certain people will Not receive a pass, or a waiver to get around Christ? No one gets a pass-all will go through Christ Jesus to get to the Father;The Way,Truth, and Life.Many Hebrews that studied the Word, recognized Jesus. Many more after three dats in the tomb, and more 40 days after the tomb. We must be willing to drop the world and its system, to enter the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Christ is The only Answer.