Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Must Do.

I have recently put time in The Second Book of Moses, and gained much understanding. Jehovah made Moses a god to Pharaoh, and provoked him to the point that the "house of bondage" was destroyed, and the newly freed slaves walked away rich.   Chapter 12 A new beginning. How to prepare the Passover. The results of not being covered by the Blood, and the time was to be a Memorial and to be kept-forever. !2:17 And ye shall observe the "Feast of Unleavened Bread".  12:18 In the first month,on the fourteenth day of the month at even, ye shall eat Unleavened Bread,until the one and twentieth day of the month at even. The first month was Abib/Nisan [Strong's concordance]. This was based off of the solar equinox, which in the Northern Hemisphere would be MARCH 20th. 2012.        * "Key of David"; 1Chronicles 1st. and 2nd. Chapter. And Matt.1st. Chapter.


  1. 2012 = God's Purpose. I have been saying for a while that We should heed the warnings of Christ Jesus. Remember the "two houses"? One was built on the Rock, the other sand. All around the world, a "shaking" has already started. Psalms 127:1,2. All should be established on the Rock,then intercessions made for families,communities,and nations-accross the world.

  2. Jehovah ask Moses "what is that in your hand"? At one time a rod represented a weapon, and history was documented on it. It was very valuable;Once Moses put it down, then picked it up again,the rod now belonged to Jehovah.Exodus 4:12 "I will be thy mouth,and teach thee what thou shalt say". Remember Ephes.6:13-17.

  3. Key of David spoken of in Rev.3:7-9 is a "line" from the Man Adam [8th. Day Formation] down to Christ Jesus.The decendants of Shem, the Son of Noah are Eber/Hebrews. Christ Jesus was a Hebrew of the Tribe of Judah. Those that follow the Chosen One, are the Chosen One's.