Sunday, February 12, 2012

Progressives in the Church.

Submitting to a Progressive tax code for the people goes back to 1Sam.8; where there is excessive or a double tax [stupid tax] it indicates a plague on the land. This is the price for rejecting god.  Accepting "new Bibles" into the Body allows miss-education, and confusion. The people behind the "new Bibles" are setting the sheep up for Idol worship.  Elohim God explain the righteous way to present an offering to Him. In Malachi 1:6 God is offended because the Priest despise His name. Mal.1:10 God has no pleasure in them, neither will He accept an offering.  Matt.24:9-12, those will be "offended" because of Christ Jesus. 1Tim.3:1-9 highlighting#5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof; from such turn away.  2Peter2:1-3 "even denying the Lord that bought them".                                                               Little children riding in cars, often ask; are we there yet? Concerning Progressives in the Church the answer is Yes. In the early 1900 they were referred to as "modernism"[liberal]. they have slowly crept from a miss-education system into Church leadership and are causing iniquity among the people. They have slowly moved passed Christ Jesus and in America, past the U.S.Constitution.


  1. A tithes is a 10th. off the TOP. A offering to God must be the best and first. A thithe in progressive churches can be any percent from anywhere;Murder, Drug money, lottery, etc. Under the progressive tax codes, most can Not give off the top, or the first. Little g already took His percentage, or already stepped on it. Unless one is self employed, they can not give off the top.false teachers, or prophets for profit do not care that the giver will not be accepted for the donation.

  2. Cain"s offering was rejected because he did not do what God required. The progressive movement often times uses new bibles and teach doctrines almost equal to quackery. The most offensive is teaching the sheep that We are no longer under the Law. EVERYTHING that Christ did while physically on earth, was in line with the Law-including why He went to the Cross;He served a death sentence from the First Adam in the Garden.