Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Feast of Unleaven Bread [Passover]

The solar equinox for 2012 was March 20th. Almost all of Exodus 12 deals with this Subject; I need to high lite Ex.12:17, and 12:18. We are to keep this as a memory, and teach it to our children.  People can not fully understand what happen on the Cross, without a proper foundation. The time is 14 days after the solar equinox that evening, which is the beginning of the 15th. day.      Anything to do with Blood was nailed to the Cross with Christ. The Blood from Christ is also our covering, just as in 12;12. The number 12 from 2012 means God's purpose. The "Season of the Locust" is May through Sept..  I continue to predict great things in 2012, for the righteous.  A shaking has already begun and is easily recognized by those that can discern the times. Those that have built on sand are in serious trouble.  Please read Isaiah 54:13-17.


  1. Jesus said "My sheep know my voice, and will not respond to another". The time is now to have a close relationship with Christ, and follow Him. Good days are in the Word of our Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus.

  2. Great Tribulation is on the way for those that are not folloing Christ. Rom.1:26 God gave them up; Rom.1:28 God gave them over.Both verses we see the wicked Rejecting God, and God Rejecting them. Sad move for the wicked.

  3. The Word says, "All souls are Mine". I personally believe that torment for the wicked, after death, is seeing that what is Written is real. Torment in life will be watching the results of ill gotten gain, being transferred to the righteous, or observing it be destroyed before their eyes. There is an Appointed Time for everything.