Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"Nothing New Under the Sun"

This Scripture is found in Ecclesiastes 1:9; It came to mind when thinking of the Founders of America. I take the King James, and the U.S.Constitution just about everywhere. I can hold the Constitution between two fingers-it was intentionally designed that way.  Many of the Founders were Christians and felt the curse of bondage in England. In the Preamble it covers the objective. We the People had been fore-warned to protect Ourselves. The Courts in England practice "Precedence", which over  time becomes way off course. This is basically what the Pharisees,Scribes, and Priest practice during Christ Jesus time. They practiced "Oral Law"-debate the issue and settle it, and it became a "tradition of men", and replaced the Laws of God. That is how Progressiveness works. Our Foundation is the Word; Christ often responded "It is written", or "Have you not read"? Sadly, radical Judges desire to move past the Law, and into "Traditions of Men", which spells trouble, for Judges. The Founders had it correct; minimize the power of All Three Branches, lest One[Dictator/King] becomes the victim of greed.


  1. A "search" of the word Precedence = an act or instance that may be used as an example in dealing with subsequent similar instances. Or, Law a judicial decision that may be used as a standard.

  2. In America, We should follow the "Rule of Law", not tradition. The Judicial Branch has a small role, but an important one.