Friday, April 20, 2012


"Why do the govt. and media want you scared"? Fear in Part One of the Bible = terribleness,terror,dread,fright,alarm,to be in awe of ie. revere, reverence. Its definition is the same in Part Two as well.   In the Garden, Satan approaced Adam and Eve with His own fear. Gen.3:7 there "eyes were open" to the flesh-including fear, by the "The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil"; aka the prince of the world. Results [Gen.3:10] = "I was afraid".  All connected to the world is fear. Itis connected to the flesh, which Satan's plan is to keep Us in the flesh, which is bondage. 2Tim.1:7 God has not given Us the spirit of fear. Christ Jesus constantly said "Fear not", because He knows that this is a tactic of the wicked One, and His followers. The media is controlled by the wicked ones-the prince of the air. The objective has always been about idol worship-in Heaven and on Earth. We the People should not be controlled by fear. Rebuke it and return to sender. Isaiah 54:14.

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