Monday, April 9, 2012

"This Mountain".

"This Mountain" is referenced in Matt. 17:20,21 with Christ Jesus speaking of mustard seed faith being all the faith necessary to remove mountains. "This Mountain" is defined by Strong's as: to grieve, or be grieved.  Verse 21 states "This Kind" indicated that there are several types of mountains.         My mountain is a govt. that has gone astray for at least 100 yrs., which is the result of rejecting Christ, and going after other gods.  Liv. 26:8 I claim along with Deut. 28:7. I think daily about the Tower of Babel, and the people working on one accord; The Lord simply confused their language, which stopped the communication[Gen.11:6]. Time for the "blind leaders" of the world to be removed. Five of Us can chase an hundred, and one hundred of Us shall put ten thousand to flight. We need one hundred on every continent around the world-700 armed with the "Sword of the Spirit [Ephes.6:19] that will deal with "This Mountain".

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