Saturday, April 14, 2012

Whom do You say that I AM ?

This past week, Min. L. F. was in the news for stating that Jesus was a Muslim. This is wrong, yet I am not offended because the Truth is at our finger-tips, and should also be between our ears. If one identified as Muslim performed miracles, and cancelled debt today, and attempted to convince Christians that He was the Christ He could seduce some. Many Christian churches believe a lie, and teach a lie that is offensive because many would fall for the stunt of deception because they have chosen "to believe a lie instead of the Truth". In Matt.16:13-18, Christ Jesus ask two questions. Peter answered correctly and received a blessing; then Christ told Peter who He was. If one desires their true identity. they must first have revelation from the Holy Spirit, Whom I AM is. In the flesh Christ Jesus was a Hebrew, of the Tribe of Judah. Short of this fact is idol worship. Christ is the Anointed, Chosen One; those that follow Him are the chosen One's, period.


  1. I previously stated that people and organizations that do Not believe in Christ Jesus, are the very ones attempting to un-explain Him. The "world can not begin to explain beyond their five senses;often what makes it past their eyes is considered spooky. The pastors take a wrong turn, or remain silent on these issues and allow confusion, or more questions. How sad, because the "Body" is suppose to have Answers, if we are following The Answer.

  2. Is it important to know the Truth? Idol worship is forbidden. Elohim showed Lucifer the exit in the First heaven age. Adam and Eve violated this Law and were shown the exit from the Garden,etc. The#1 Antichrist will show first to decieve many-He too is after idol worship, and to seduce. Many of todays churches only cherry pick Scriptures-mainy the ones concerning money. Get into the Word of God for the Truth.