Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Kingdom Vs The World.

Kingdom - a King and His dominion. The Kingdom, which is short for The Kingdom of Heaven, on earth, was built by Christ Jesus. The road map starts with Repentance, and continues into Re-newing our minds [Rom.12:2].Jesus said that He has shown,told, and given Us all things; Our fruit should be obvious. The Kingdom represents Life. Fruit = a product of life.                                                       Satan, aka the Son of Perdition because His judgement has been pronounce. He is known as Death,Scorpion,Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil,Dragon,Snake,Prince of Darkness,etc. He through deception and fear continues to undermine by pushing a Global Agenda. As Lucifer, He got ejected and caught a death sentence because of the Mercy Seat. He was willing to commit murder to obtain worship.   His tactic continues with people who share His covetousness.         As Followers of Christ, We are Not to be friends[James 4:4] with the World. Love of the World[2Tim.4:10] is dangerous.  Why would anyone bet their life, on a horse that has already been condemned to the glue factory?

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  1. A question was ask online today;"what is wrong with a little socialism"? The answer is everything. Socialism/Communism is a result of rejecting our Creator [1Sam.8:7-19]. A little off course is called deception; Those who indoctrinated and nursing the system along are called 'useful idiots', or as Dr. Carter G. Woodson calls them - Misleaders.