Thursday, June 7, 2012

Minus The Glory.

The Lord has given people the green light to be involved in miracles. I have been asking for several weeks, where and who is preforming the miracles from the Book of Acts? Going backwards to The man Adam and His wife Eve, we have documents of many miracles. What happen in the Garden was the Gory of the Lord covered them-until, they were disobedient. They immediately realized their nakedness and sewn aprons from fig leaves. We continue the same process today; no Glory, then lets go make some from fig leaves, homes, jewelry, clothes, or cars. We have covered ourselves with more mess and request the world to recognize it as value. The Glory inhabits Obedience, and there is no substitute.

1 comment:

  1. A seasoned Word; "always look past the wrapper". Mess is often covered over with pretty wrappings. Be on the lookout for things wrapped in Scripture, or the Flag/Patriotism. Or ministers that lack Glory, but want you to look at their things.